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Camp Tarawa Tour
Tour docents Kathy Painton and Bob Strickland will be available to conduct tours of old Camp Tarawa on Mondays and Fridays.

The driving tour will start at 9:00 AM at the Waikoloa Village Golf Course Clubhouse (1) 68-1792 Melia, Waikoloa Village, Hawai'i. The tour takes about two and a half to three hours and finishes back at the Golf Course Clubhouse with a no-host lunch at Banjy's Paradise Bar and Grill.

The driving tour takes tour guests around the 42,000 acres that made up the Waikoloa Maneuver ranges with stops (2) at the site of the proposed Camp Tarawa Museum-Educational Center, then on to (3) the view site at State Highway 190 and Waikoloa Road. From this view site at 2,500 feet in elevation guests will be able to see all 42,000 acres of the Waikoloa maneuver ranges.

The next stop (4) will be at the Camp Tarawa Memorial Monument for the history of old Camp Tarawa, the Parker Ranch and the town of Waimea, starting on December 7, 1941, and then on to when the first units of the 2nd Marine Division arrived on December 3, 1943.

Stop (5) will be at the Waimea County Park where the baseball field and parade ground was located. Across the street are the old Canuk huts built by the 19th Marines (engineers) as a temporary elementary school. Then a quick look at Buster Brown, the hill the Marines climbed every day in preparation for the assault on Iwo Jima.

Next: down to the National Park Service Pu'ukohola National Historic site (6) For a power point slide show.

The last stop (7) will be at Hapuna State Beach and old Camp Drewes where the Amtracs were based and the Snipers and Scouts trained in rubber boats.

Finally: back to Waikoloa Village (1) for a no-host lunch at the golf course restaurant.
Camp Tarawa Foundation"Boots on the Ground" Tour.
Tour guide docent Jim Browne with Marines from Japan, Okinawa and O'ahu who were at Pohakuloa undergoing livefire training before deployment to Afghanistan at the Memorial on the Parker Ranch site of Camp Tarawa mainside headquarters camp site 2nd and 5th Marine Divisions during WW II.
Tour guide docent Kathy Painton during a  power point slide show on old Camp Tarawa at the National Park Service Pu'ukohola National historic site.
Jim Browne at Pu'ukohola National Historic Site with Marines from Japan, Okinawa, and O'ahu on liberty from joint live fire training at Pohakuloa.
For more Information on the tour  contact:
        Kathy Painton
       (808) 880-9880
Donna Gardner with Commandant Paule Grinde Emerald Empire Detadhment # 917 Springfield Oregon with wife Amy on a personally requested tour at the Memorial in Waimea.
 Bob Strickland
(808) 769-4870